Service Assurance

We have employees from business development, sales, quality assurance and technical support certified by Cisco and MVTS continuously assist our partners to let them enjoy:


certified by cisco

Certified by Cisco

We have Cisco certified engineers

247 technical support

24/7 Technical Support

Friendly customer support 24x7 over phone, email, MSN & Yahoo

high quality voice transmission

High Quality Voice

Ensure high quality voice transmission due to constant monitoring

fast response

Fast Response

We repond to our clients inqury as soon as possible

accurate bills

Accurate Bills

We always try to do timely paymets with accuracy

premium quality option

Premium Quality Service

Premium quality service is given to those who demand

Agreements with the world's leading carriers and our state-of-the-art routing engine allow us to provide intelligent, real time routing that ensures premium quality at highly competitive rates. We constantly test our suppliers in order to provide our customers with the best quality services available.


Network Location

Mesh Telecom delivers quality voice traffic to more than 190 countries worldwide with the use of its own network of international gateways spanning North America, Europe and Asia.

Our PoP’s are located in Amsterdam, Canada, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Germany, France and Singapore. MESH Telecom's network is built on solutions supplied by the market's leading vendors to ensure high quality services and flexibility of scale. The network architecture is based on the following key components —MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch, NexTone SBC. Nexge, gPlex, iTel Switch, VOS3000, VoIPswitch, IPSmarx and Cisco Systems voice gateways. It fully complies with the latest requirements for new generation networks and supports various types of carrier-to-carrier interconnection, such as SS7, ISDN PRI, VoIP-H.323 and VoIP-SIP. All equipment uses uninterrupted backup power supply from several independent sources.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24/7 network monitoring and quality control. With its decentralized architecture, MESH Telecom's network is designed to provide coordinated activity of all network elements. This structure assures constant quality and network redundancy.